Sun Protection – What Did We Use Before The Stuff In Bottles Came Along?

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essential oil bottles

When one devotes a little bit of time to thinking about it, what did people do before all of the Coppertones and Bullfrogs of the world were developed (sunscreens and sunblocks, that is)? This query led me to research the topic a bit further and to my great delight, I learned that there are in fact natural suncreens out there. As it turns out, there are 10 natural oils out there that do just that and they are:

1.) Carrot Seed oil (SPF 40)

2.) Raspberry Seed Oil (SPF 30)

3.) Wheatgerm oil (SPF 20)

4.) Avocado Oil (SPF 15)

5.) Soy Bean Oil (SPF 10)

6.) Coconut Oil (SPF 8)

7.) Olive Oil (SPF 8)

8.) Macadamia Nut Oil (SPF 6)

9.) Almond Oil (SPF 5)

10.) Jojoba Oil (SPF 4)

Without the harsh chemicals that will undoubtedly accumulate in your system when you continually reach for a plastic bottle in order to get your sun protection, these better for your skin (and dare I say luxurious at times) oils certainly seem like quite the viable alternative!

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