My First Hypnotic Session

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I read Many Lives Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss the first time over 20 years ago. I reread it countless times since then. I am also very familiar with all of Dick Sutphen’s work and became so after first reading his book Your Were Born Again to be Together. Sometime later, I learned about Dolores Cannon’s work and her many interesting cases, particularly the ones outlined in her book Jesus and the Essenes. And to this day, I refer to Edgar Cayce’s work and peruse the transcripts of his trance sessions for guidance on health care, etc. It was therefore a safe assumption on my part that I knew a good deal about the hypnotic process and what to expect and so forth…or so I thought.


I experienced my first hypnotic session today. It turned out to be a regression. The therapist who attended to me, Robert Bailey, has been a martial arts teacher of mine in the past. I knew that he was a hypnotherapist and he recently asked within his social net if anyone was willing to serve as a case for him. I learned that he was practicing his Gestalt hypnotherapy technique and that he was interested in helping his volunteers break the cycle of negative thoughts and perceptions of the past to separate them from the present reality and thereby un-block the case so that healing, whether it be emotional, physical, or spiritual, can easily take place. I signed up right away. While I was not able to determine the actual reason for feeling a constant pressure or cloud over my head (hell, we can just call it fear), I was always aware of that almost crippling feeling that it gave me. It wasn’t always there – it sure wasn’t there when I was a kid. When I was a very young child, I was happy and content – delighted with life with no worries, doubts, or limitations. The world was mine. Sometime after the second or third grade, I noticed that I wasn’t so “invincible.” So when Sensei Rob offered his help, I signed up right away.


So the actual session starts with an induction. In my case it took three or four inductions. Each consecutive suggestion into a calmer state was increasingly more commanding until he was satisfied with my combined level of alertness and calm. Among the first suggestions was for me to think about a time, or a significant event, in my life. I immediately regressed back to my childhood in Houston, Texas during a family move to a new house. It was a traumatic event for me not because we were actually moving and going someplace new but rather because my dad’s nervous and negative energy was showered upon me in the form of a fast and furious punishment for having spilled a tall jar of coins all over the upstairs floor. After that event, I was a broken child for a very long time – not resentful, just very hurt. It was then that I started learning how to put on “a brave face” and how to keep everyone around me comfortable and free from any worries about me by maintaining a sweet and cheerful disposition (while nothing was further from the truth). From that point on, a sense of loss was awakened inside me.


Keeping that event as an anchor of sorts, the next suggestion was to go back to a time or event before that one that was also of equal significance. Since the first experience was regarding an event that happened while I was six or seven years old, it was initially difficult for me to wrap my consciousness around an earlier event than that – until Rob ratcheted up the suggestion and had me relate to him the very first thing that came to mind. And I did. All of the sudden I was on the Blue Ridge mountains in an Appalachian homestead. I was broken there and then, too. Heartbroken to be exact. I was an older woman, wise in my years, but carrying a terrible pain in my heart. During that part of the session it came out that I had lost all of my children in a terrible tragedy and I was blaming myself – so I was doubly tortured in that life: both by circumstance and by my own doing. The moment I realized that I was the mother of dead children, I broke out into sobbing tears for a while and then there was an inexplicable calm.


Thereafter the session continued to yet another life in which I was a woman and an intellectual academic figure at a university surrounded by male academics that disapproved of my being among their ranks. My name in that life was Martha. In that life I endured a lot of ridicule and gossip at my expense and although I still surged forward with my academic career and development, it wasn’t without emotional pain and constant challenges on every level.


During the whole session, I was conscious and relatively aware of my surroundings. Where it took place, outside the building there is a fountain in the middle of a pond that I heard throughout the whole session. I was aware of the outside traffic and of the distant ring of a cell phone. But none of that detracted from the intensity of reliving my childhood experience 34 years ago when my family was undergoing a geographic move. Equally, when I leaped into a previous incarnation, the colors and actual surroundings were as vivid as if I were watching it all on a movie screen. I was left with the sensation of peacefulness which was strange to me in light of the fact that I had just recounted some pretty heavy situations that would weigh heavily on anyone.


I now have a much better understanding of the many different hypnosis cases I have read about over the last 20 years.

UPDATE: It has been a few months since my session with Sensei Rob and it is worth noting that I have healed from something I didn’t know needed healing. What I mean to say is that as the mother of three young children, I have been plagued with morbid thoughts of losing them. Ever since I became a mother, I have lived with this constant fear that my children might go “splat” somewhere or that someone might take them from me. As of late, I have noticed that I have spent almost no time or energy on those thoughts. That spells healing in my book. I am convinced that having faced that Appalachian homestead life and all the pain that accompanied it made all the difference in changing the way I look and perceive this life today.