What are those Baltic amber teething necklaces, anyway?

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So what are these new Baltic Amber teething necklaces that everyone seems to talk about lately?

Is it the latest fad?

Are babies supposed to chew on them?

Do they work at all?

To answer these burning questions, and many more that will pop up along the way, I’m writing this quick blog to dispel some myths and clear the air on this highly sought after teething remedy.

First things first: No, a baby is not supposed to chew on these necklaces! They are strictly made for a baby to wear and nothing more. In fact, when worn correctly, a baby should never be able to introduce the necklace into her mouth.

Are they a fad? Hardly! Baltic Amber has been a go-to remedy offering teething relief for decades upon decades.

The reason they are referred to as “Baltic Amber” teething necklaces is because of their origin – each of these necklaces is made with beads of amber that has been harvested in the area around the Baltic Sea.


The Splendidly Baby brand in particular harvests the beads for its necklaces in Lithuania which is a lovely country found southeast of the Baltic Sea.

What is so special about amber from this area you might ask? It has everything to do with the high concentration of succinic acid that the amber harvested in that area contains.

Amber itself is not a stone of any sort but rather it is a fossil. More specifically it is the fossilized remains of trees. Remember how in the first Jurassic Park movie the mosquito from which the dinosaur DNA was extracted was found inside a piece of fossilized amber that was formed when sap from a tree oozed over the insect? Same thing happens (minus the mosquitoes, of course) in the case of Baltic amber. But what’s special about this amber is that what was once a forest of pine trees thousands of years ago near the Baltic Sea and is now harvestable amber also contains higher levels and concentrations of succinic acid than anywhere else in the world.

Science has continued to be at odds with the thousands upon thousands of observations and testimonials made by parents worldwide regarding the health benefits derived from wearing Baltic amber.

It is believed that the benefits and immediate calming effects that many babies enjoy while wearing an amber necklace take place once skin and body heat make contact with the amber thereby releasing succinic acid to then in turn allow it to be absorbed into the skin. Although no scientific correlation has been made between the absorption of succinic acid and derived health benefits, parents have internationally praised amber teething necklaces for finally bringing peace to their ailing babies – and of course for allowing the parents themselves obtain much needed sleep!

Among the many health benefits that parents have proclaimed are:

1.) Immediate reduction in the excessive drooling that accompanies teething.

2.) Noticeably less and even nonexistent fussiness or irritability during teething.

3.) Sounder sleep for the teething baby.

4.) Visible relief of skin irritations such as eczema.

5.) Respiratory relief including lessened overnight congestion.

6.) Noticeably general good spirits exhibited by the babies and children who wear the necklace.

7.) Calming effects during times of stress.

Thousand of parents the world over can’t be wrong!

Despite the lack of a verifiable correlation linking succinic acid with the purported health benefits and the many first hand accounts that triumphant parents have shared about the claimed benefits of Baltic amber, we tend to believe those many grateful parents!

Get one for your teething baby or young child today.

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