My name is C.C. Kuzmanovic and I am a mother first, wife second, and everything else third.

Regarding the first, I am the mother to three awesome kids. And now that I’m a parent, I totally get it. I totally get how it happens that successful and highly educated persons find that their days and schedules often times get dictated to them by the little ones in their lives. Truth be told, my three kids have called the shots on more than one occasion. And no, I’m not talking temper tantrums and such, just your everyday feeding needs: potty training contingency plans, etc. But, it is the best job ever!

Regarding the second, I married a man who has become a great husband and an excellent father. I got really lucky there. This man has shown me what a hands-on dad is all about. This man has been present and in the moment with me since the day he declared his love to me.  His dedication to me did not waver one bit as we started adding “mini us’s” into our lives and as he himself dedicated his entire being to his children. I watch in awe as it all unfolds in front of me – been doing so for almost 6 years now. I. Got. Really. Lucky.

Now regarding the third, everything else are just supporting details as far as I’m concerned. I am well versed and educated in law having graduated from law school in 2008 so that I am an attorney. However, I am also extensively trained in energy healing and aromatherapy, speak a few languages fluently, have traveled extensively both domestically and internationally and am currently dedicating all of my time to my kids as a stay-at-home mom. Making the decision to care for my kids full time has effectively made all of the aforementioned mere details. And you know what? It was the best decision I ever made!

So come on in and share some time together. Glad you’re here!