Hello there!

Welcome to my insight-filled, homemaker savvy, “this mom” approved, advanced educated, kid-loving, First Amendment promoting, fresh and organic, society criticizing, at times irreverent, worldly, and well-traveled blog.

Having had the noble motivation to embody my intent for this blog within an appropriate moniker, I called it Domum Amoris which I take to mean House of Love in Latin. You should know that the cynical part of my brain listened to me say the words out loud and thereafter I snidely smiled at the impending possibility that deviance will find its way here hoping to encounter online access to all things flesh and arousing. Nothing for you here, Ye of deviant persuasions, so keep it moving.

On the contrary, this site is intended to pointedly call out the goodness that our world offers while humbly and constantly acknowledging that I am also still human (read: it will be sarcastic, emotional, overreactive, and wrong at times). But it all comes from an open heart and mind.

So why did I call this place the House of Love? In a nutshell, because that is exactly what I have built for my family. Every day, before we get our day going, my kids and I send out to the world the following words: “MAKE IT A GREAT DAY AND SPREAD LOTS OF LOVE.”

That’s how we roll. Come roll with us!

C.C. Kuzmanovic