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Our Recent Discovery at the Aldi Market

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Ok, so we usually grocery shop at our local Publix supermarket where “shopping is a pleasure.” And it is true that it really is a pleasure to shop at Publix: the employees are super friendly everywhere you turn, you can find help within moments of needing it, the offerings are varied and plentiful, they never fuss about returning items, and they are always super accommodating. But I would be remiss if I didn’t also communicate the fact that the prices at Publix totally reflect the value-added pleasurable experience that you enjoy while shopping there. Don’t get me wrong – Publix prices do not entirely compare to the high dollar prices at specialty markets such as Whole Foods or Freshmarket but hefty still in its own category. Add to this the fact that we in our family try to eat as much organic as possible and you can imagine how budgeting for food shopping takes a good deal of our weekly focus and concentration. However, and to our great delight, we very recently discovered that Aldi markets have quite an array of organic offerings at their stores! Previously, my impression of Aldi markets was such that I looked upon it as a bottom dollar bargain store food outlet with lesser quality offerings, etc. While a side by side comparison of some items such as cereal (between Adlsi’s brand and the equivalent leading brand) did reveal a higher amount of undesirable ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup in the Aldi brand, we were literally amazed at the overshadowing amount of organic dry goods, canned goods, fresh produce, and frozen items! The cost savings was more than half and therein lies the balance tilt. So a word to the wise: if there is an Aldi store around you, it is totally worth checking out. That store has evolved over the last few months into something quite delightful (and healthful). And although you do not receive any shopping perks such as bagging or customer carry-out, the cost savings more than make up for the lack of such value added services!    ...

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